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Submission Guidelines

At the Woodson Institute, our desire is to see believers grow and mature as disciples of Jesus Christ. We want the articles that we provide to not only equip believers to understand and grow in their Christian faith but be approachable and accessible to the everyday person. Whether you’ve been walking with God for most of your life, or you’re just getting started, our goal is meet people where they are in order to have a meaningful and transformative learning experience. 


The articles we provide should help people better understand the Christian faith, challenge their individual relationship with Christ, and help them apply theological and doctrinal ideas. All articles must be written in accordance with our statement of belief.


  • Articles must be between 800-1,000 words. 

  • Use the ESV or CSB versions for all biblical references. 

  • Direct quotes from Scripture or other texts require in-text parenthetical citations. General references to biblical ideas require footnote references. 

  • Capitalize Bible, Word, and Scripture, but not biblical or scriptural. 

  • Gospel is only capitalized when referring to the canonical Gospels (e.g., the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, etc.).

  • Double check for grammar and spelling errors. 



As you’re writing and formulating your content, remember that we are all on a journey to grow and learn more about what it means to live for Christ. Therefore, the tone of your content should feel welcoming, encouraging, charitable, and empathetic. Assume that our readers are already believers. Take into account that you’re writing to people with some foundational understanding of the faith, and each reader will have varying levels of maturity and theological understanding. 
Along with presenting the truth of scripture clearly and constructively, we want our articles to push and challenge readers to go deeper by helping them practically apply what they’ve learned. We want conviction and humility to go hand in hand. 

Topic Ideas

 If you're considering writing for The Woodson Institute, please be sure that any article submitted fits within the realm of the following options. 

  • Discipleship 

  • Spiritual Formation 

  • Doctrine 

  • Christian Living 

  • Church Hurt 

  • Bible Study Methods 

  • Christian History 

  • Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Gifts 

  • Apologetics  

  • Ministry Life 

  • Faith, Hope, Love 

Submission Expectations

Once you’ve submitted an article, someone from our team will follow up with you within 3–4 weeks to share whether we’ve accepted your piece or not. After we’ve contacted you, expect your content to go through a review and editing process that could take an additional 2–3 weeks. If your submission has previously been published on any other site, please let us know so we can credit the original posting.

Editing Process
Please note that our team will ensure that every submission has been reviewed and checked for any grammar, style, and punctuation errors. These edits will be made at our editorial team’s discretion. However, if your work is in need of substantive or structural edits, we will return your article with marked changes for you to approve and address. These edits would need to be returned to us within 5–7 business days.

Submissions can take anywhere between 2–3 months from the time of final edits to publishing on the site. The Woodson Institute operates off of a quarterly calendar, so if your submission is finalized at the end of the quarter, it could be pushed further into the calendar year based on how full our editorial calendar is.

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