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How To Study The Bible Series

We hope that this series will provide you with some useful tools that can help you in studying your Bible. Don't forget to download the series guide, which is available below. This guide will assist you in summarizing each episode, taking important notes, and continuing your learning journey with recommended resources.

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Elizabeth is kicking off our Summer mini-series on "How to Study the Bible" by discussing why we study The Bible.⁠


Elizabeth is joined by Kristie Anyabwile to discuss the first step in the Bible study process; context. They unpack the information we need to study before we try to figure out what a passage means.⁠

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Elizabeth is joined by Portia Collins to continue the conversation on how to study the Bible by focusing on the Inductive Bible Study method.⁠


Elizabeth is joined by Kelli Galyean to discuss the practice of Biblical Meditation for adults and kids and how can we live in light of what we are learning.

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