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Speaking and Training

We provide training services to help you and your ministry/organization learn the fundamentals of bible study, theology, and spiritual formation.

Elizabeth loves to teach through the Bible, helping believers understand the theological truths of Scripture and connect them to everyday life.

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Elizabeth has been a speaker for:

   Lifeway Women’s Academy

✔   Lifeway Women’s Leadership Forum


   Lifeway Women Live

  The Gospel Coalition's Women's Conference

   The Proclaim Truth Conference

   CRU Winter Conference

   Many other church retreats and conferences


Speaking Topics

Faith Works

We live in a culture where busyness is the norm and the book of James gives us a good opportunity to press pause and assess our walk with the Lord. While our works do not save us they are evidence of how whether or not we believe what we say we do, for our James tells us that faith works when our attitudes and behavior match our stated beliefs. In this three session talk, event attendees will be challenged to take their faith to the next level by emulating the six characteristics that James says are essential to our faith working.

(James 1:1-27)

Embrace Your Life:

Finding Joy In A Season of Longing

All of us live with some sense of longing—a dull ache constantly reminding us of the things our hearts desire that we do not have. Regardless of its object, any longing that persists over a prolonged period of time can be wearisome, leaving us asking: “How do I find joy in my life again?” As we follow the example of Joshua, we’ll discuss the freeing power of biblical contentment, exploring how we can find joy when the life we have is not the life we hoped for.

(Joshua 1:1-9)


Living Well In Every Season of Life

We are bombarded with so many things, whether it's in our family, at work, or just by living in today's culture. Sometimes it can be hard to know how to remain steady through life situations that seem so chaotic and unstable. In Colossians, the Apostle Paul seeks to root his readers deeply in the truth about who Christ is and how that affects the way they live their lives. As we unpack his encouragement to the Colossians, women will be equipped and empowered to remain rooted throughout every season of life they encounter.

(Colossians 1-2:7)

Training Topics


of Spiritual Formation

This 3 session workshop will help you understand the history, methods, and goals of spiritual formation. Participants will leave understanding how to practice the basic habits that are essential to our Christian faith and spiritual growth. 


of Bible Study

This 3 session workshop provides an overview of the metanarrative of Scripture and inductive Bible study methods, exploring the storyline of Scripture and the tools we need to understand it well.


of Christian Doctrine

This 3 session workshop provides an overview of the key theological concepts that shape our faith, exploring what we believe, why we believe it and how it applies to our everyday life.

Other Topics

✔   Discipleship & Mentoring

✔   Theological Education in the Local Church

✔   Ministry Leadership Development

✔   Faith & Culture

Invite Elizabeth to speak at your next conference, ministry event, retreat or training seminar today!

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