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Podcast Recommendation: Re-imagining Discipleship by Beyond Ordinary Women

We are passionate about leadership development, and one organization that does it well is Beyond Ordinary Women!

Beyond Ordinary Women Ministries (BOW) exists to equip and train women for leadership by helping them maximize the influence that they already have with their family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, in their communities and countries, and across the world.

A key part of their ministry is their video podcast, where they facilitate discussions about issues relevant to and necessary for ministry leaders. Elizabeth has been featured in several of these conversations, including the one we are recommending: Re-Imagining Discipleship.

This series is responding to the reality that the state of the American church suggests that our discipleship models need reworking. The video series helps consider this issue from five different perspectives! (Nika Spaulding, Debbie Swindoll, Elizabeth Woodson, Susan Binion & Kay Daigle)

Click the photo below to access the series!


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