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A few samples of Elizabeth's writing, teaching, and podcasting work.


Teaching Videos

"The church ought to be a place where it doesn't matter who you are. You show up here and have a seat at the table. You are welcome here!"

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- Elizabeth

Podcast Interviews



The Gospel Coalition: Finding Hope in a Season of Longing

Seasons of prolonged suffering produce emotional longing whose weight is too great for any of us to bear alone. Rather than turn to our idols of comfort, approval, power, and control, Scripture calls us to turn to God through lament.

The Gospel Coalition: 4 Popular Lies About Singleness

Many unmarried people in the church struggle to accept the label “single,” since churches can treat singles as second-class citizens. This treatment rests on wrong teaching about singleness. Simply put, the church can idolize marriage and make it the ultimate goal for maturity in Christ, relegating singles—no matter how old—to perpetual immaturity until they find someone to marry.

Acts 29: 3 Qualities of Faithful Ministry Leaeders

I remember my first day in vocational ministry like it was yesterday. I had a makeshift cubicle, an empty file cabinet, a computer with no files on it, and a phone. That’s it. There was no instruction manual. I was going to have to learn how to lead the ministry I was overseeing all on my own.

Lifeway Women: Theological Conversation As A Pathway For Spiritual Foramtion

One of the strongest cultivators of my growth as a believer has been theological conversations.  Whether with “friends” on my bookshelves or with friends in real life, a regular exchange of ideas has helped challenge and grow my theological beliefs. 

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