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"All of us live with some sort of longing in our hearts—a gap between the life we want and the life we actually have."


As we try to navigate this sense of longing and the circumstances we desperately wish would change, we try to hang on to the belief that God will fulfill our desires, while waiting to see the answers to our prayers realized. For some, those prayers are answered. Yet for others, the longing persists, making us weary at best and debilitated at worst. Living this way leaves us asking the same questions: “How do I find God’s joy in this life when it isn’t the life I hoped for?” or “How do I deal with the gap between the life I want and the life I’ve been given?”

In this powerful book, Bible teacher and fellow traveler down the well-worn road of unmet longings Elizabeth Woodson equips you for joyful living in that gap.

As you walk with Elizabeth through some key biblical passages in the book of Joshua and beyond, you’ll learn to:

  Realize joy is possible

✔  Avoid emotional escapism and naïve blindness to reality

✔  Have your eyes opened to what “biblical contentment” really means

✔  Enjoy God’s unfailing presence

  Understand your divine calling

Through biblical wisdom, personal stories, and practical advice, Elizabeth shares life-changing truth that has the heart-healing power you’ve been searching for, and helps you walk through your current life situations from a new perspective—one that embraces actual, real, deep joy in the midst of the inevitable longings of life.

Embrace Your Life by Elizabeth Woodson
B&H Publishing Group

Embrace Your Life by Elizabeth Woodson

“Elizabeth is steeped in the scriptures. She writes with empathy and compassion while not being afraid to say what is true."

Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor at the Village Church

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